Action plan from 6 to 11 November 2018 06.11.2018

Action Plan for Week 6-11.11.2018 g

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Day of Russia in Babushkinskom Park 08.06.2018

We invite you to the feast of June 12! Our guests are waiting for quizzes and contests, concert of folklore groups and variety performers. Start of the holiday in 13:00

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Darts Tournament 30.11.2017

Dear friends! You are invited to take part in the Pallada and Babushkinsky 2017 cup competitions for adults and children! The tournament is held at the SBD CDs "Pallas" (North…

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Robotics Class Master 05.12.2017

Friends! 10 December from 15.00 in the center of Creativity and Leisure, the branch “smart Mechanics.” Robotics “(Babushkinskaya) will hold a free master class for everyone who wants it!” In our…

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Weekend in Babushkinskom Park 08.12.2017

Dear friends! It’s time to think of a weekend! Our poster might help you. Please note that, in addition to the regular recreational activities, the Murall Art Jam is awaiting…

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The street art Festival 2017 "Murall Art Jam" 08.12.2017

December 9 Street-art artists will come out of the shadows We’re constantly seeing graffiti around. But few of us know who and how it creates. On December 9, the street…

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Weekend in the park 30.11.2017

The weekend is not far away! Do you know how to make them? Look at the Babushkinsky Park poster! The entrance is free.

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Filippovskie Dances 30.11.2017

On 2 December, in 11:00, had "Babushkinskiy", together with "Harmony Centre", will have an interactive mu"filippovskie dances. You have winter songs, games, dances and dancing under accordion! The entrance is…

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Master Class from Baby Club 30.11.2017

Dear friends! On December 2, in 11:00, you and your kids are invited to the "Baby Club" master class to create 3d clay paintings and to create a puppet theatre!…

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