Pets’ corner

A “pets’ corner” brings a lot of joy for visitors, it is a real decoration for Babushkinsky Park. Animals observation helps people to relax and  forget about any problems for a while, after having a rest and getting a charge of positive emotions from communicating with animals.

The funniest, the most agile and troublesome animals live in our park – touchingly funny and nimble squirrels. These mobile, dexterous and very graceful animals, accustomed to the spaciousness and free life, freely live in a special aviary. Squirrels build nests in small houses and grow there their children. Since 2014, the squirrels have already three offspring!

And in December 2015 a pheasant suddenly appeared on the territory of Babushkinsky Park. Now the bird lives in a specially constructed aviary and you can also look at this beauty in the “pets’ corner” of the park.

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