The street art Festival 2017 "Murall Art Jam"

December 9 Street-art artists will come out of the shadows
We’re constantly seeing graffiti around. But few of us know who and how it creates.
On December 9, the street art artists will come out of the shadows to fight in the art of the Street arts Festival 2017 “Murall Art Jam”.
You want to see how art objects are created? We know what you want! At that time, the arrival of the 9 December at 13:00 in the square olonets a pass to the dance site (opposite the street). Suhonskaja, 9).
The festival will compete with the 8 strongest artists of the street-art that we selected in the preliminary stage. Each participant is given a surface of the decorative wall as well as a spray of paint. Five hours to complete work.
They will also be able to try the street art force on our battles.
In addition to the competitive program, you are expected to perform various artists ‘ performances:
💥dj Pheel One and Dj Manyana;
💥proekt Techo phobia;
💥 Dancing Magic Dance Team
💥fokusnik Nikita Timofeyev;
💥vokalist and guitarist Alex Ham;
💥barabanshhik Maxim Sedov;
💥vokalistka of the Faces group
💥svetodiodnoe of the Theatre of Fire and light of the flame.
I’ll see you on December 9😉. The entrance is FREE!

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