Workout. Training apparatus

A healthy lifestyle is an individual system of human behavior that provides physical, spiritual and social well-being in a real environment. A healthy lifestyle creates the best conditions for a normal course of physiological and mental processes, which reduces the probability of various diseases, increases the life expectancy of a person and his working capacity. It is health that is the condition for successful growth and development of the personality, for its spiritual and physical perfection, and in the future, in many respects, a successful life.
Classes at the workout and outdoor exercise facilities help to maintain a healthy lifestyle, strengthen immunity, improve the condition of internal organs and lead people’s organisms to tone. In addition, outdoor classes provide a mental reset, which training in the room simply can not provide. A growing number of studies show that open air activity is favorable for a psychological state. Exercise in nature, especially among trees, gives a healthy impulse to mood and helps to cope with anxiety, reduce the pressure and the high level of stress present in the daily life of most of us.
The sports equipment installed in Babushkinsky Park meets the needs of the most demanding wrestlers. A variety of horizontal bars, benches, simulators – all of this is at the full disposal of street training fans.
We invite everyone to work on our year-round sports ground!

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