Figure skating school

Figure skating is originated in Holland, in the XII-XIV century. It became possible after the creation of iron skates with two ribs. But it was not that figure skating, to which we are accustomed. Athletes traced on the ice various figures, while maintaining a beautiful pose. In 1742 in Edinburgh appeared the first club of figure skating fans, at the same time the first list of obligatory figures and the first rules were invented. From Europe, figure skating quickly spread to the United States, where it was greatly developed. New clubs of figure skaters began to open, rules were being improved, new skates were being developed. By the middle of the XIX century, almost all of the existing mandatory figures were formed, as well as technical methods for their implementation. At the first Skating Congress in 1871, figure skating was recognized as a sport, and 11 years later the first official figure skating championship was held.
In the park “Babushkinsky” YOU can join the popular sport, since we have been running the figure skating school “ICENICE” since 2015. The head of the school Ksenia Shukaeva is a candidate for master of sports in single figure skating, actress of ice shows, member of the Siberian regional district team, has an experience of coaching activity since 2007. Coach in the park: Alina Igorevna Kalnaya.

Schedule of free group lessons:
• Wednesday from 19.30 to 20.30 hours
• Saturday from 10 am to 11 am

The schedule of individual lessons are discussed with the coach.
Cost of individual lessons (60 min):
• 1 person – 1800 rubles.
• 2 people – 3000 rubles.
• 3 people – 4200 rubles.
Subscriptions are purchased at the box office of the rental office near the ice rink.

Details by phone:
+7 (985) 345-50-59 – coach Alina Igorevna Kalnaya
+7 (926) 286-78-42 – the head of the school Shukaeva Ksenia Vyacheslavovna

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