Nordic walking

Nordic Walking is a popular form of physical activity, based on a specific walking technique with the use of special sticks that look just like skiing. Nordic walking is loved by lots of people for the ease and high efficiency of training, for simple equipment and accessibility. And what about the opportunity to stay for several hours in the open air, leaving stuffy apartments and offices!

At the same time Nordic walking is an active movement with aerobic load, strengthening the heart and blood vessels. It allows you to train both on city streets and on rough terrain (in parks and gardens, in public gardens and in the forest). For Finnish walking you can use both: flat and hilly landscape.

There are classes Nordic walking in Babushkinsky Park on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8-45 to 10-15 hours.

Legostaev Eugene Valerievich conducts Nordic walking classes. All the necessary information about training you can get by calling +7 (977) 394-25-39.

Details on the Nordic walking classes held in the Babushkinsky Park and the annexed territories can be found on the official page of the Babushkinsky Park Club for Scandinavian walking:

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