Babushkinskiy park is a small (about 7 hectare) quite green and cozy park in the north-east part of Moscow. It”s name appeared from the name of Babushkin city, where the park was situated until the city was attached to Moscow.

The history of Babushkinskiy park began from XIX century – it was formed in 1898, when It was decided to organize a public park in Losinoostrovsky settlement .

“Public benefit organization” of the settlement in 1905 organized here a summer theatre, public areas, green pavilion and tennis playgrounds. The entire length of the park was laid with six-tower alley and the smaller paths that were leaving from it.

On the 1st of May 1955 Moscow Regional Council of Deputies ordered to open a park in Babushkin city. After receiving the status of a city park, it was reconstructed again .


A significant event was the installation of a bust of the polar explorer Mikhail Sergeevich Babushkin, hero of the Soviet Union. On the 21st of may 1937 for the first time in the world together with his crew he managed to land a heavy transport plane at the North Pole. The famous holiday – Polar day, which is celebrated on the same day, is obliged to the famous pilot, a native of Babushkin city.

From the September of 1960 after Babushkinsky was attached to Moscow, the park was acquired the status of a regional.

Old habitants of the city say that the most popular place for young people was the dance floor. A brass band was playing there and young boys and girls from the surrounding areas were flocking there for dancing and making new friends.

In 1967 there was built a cinema named “Arktika” in the southern part of the park. In the late 80 there were a lot of entertainment in the park, such as: Green theatre with 1000 places, chess and checkers pavilion, arcade room, shooting gallery, a playground and a lot of different attractions.

In the past few years the park has changed and renewed a lot. In 2013 the first dry fountain was opened in the park also there was finished a renovation of the Green theatre, where in addition to the concert venue there appeared a summer cinema, equipped with the latest technology. In 2014 free wi-fi area was opened in Babushkinskiy park. In 2017 there was opened a museum of Mikhail Sergeevich Babushkin.

Today it is a comfortable and beautiful park, which is very popular between the locals. There are a lot of services, such as: sports alley with roller, bicycle, electromobile, and other sport inventory rentals, children playground, table tennis, dance floor, children attractions, WorkOut ground, equipped with modern exercise equipment, rope park, “Metelitsa” skating ring and a cafe.

The park provides a lot of hobby groups for children, also it conducts theater festivals including sports, musical and entertaining events, professional and amateur musicians concerts, performances of brass bands.

Babushkinskiy park total territory includes eight different parks: seven of them are situated in the North-East part of Moscow and the other one in the North-West part.

1) Main territory – Park “Babushkinskiy” (Board of Losinoostrovsky district)

2) Park “U Dzhamgarovskogo Pruda” (Board of Losinoostrovsky district)

3) Park “Sad Buduschego” (Board of Rostokino district)

4) Public garden on Olonetsky street (Board of Babushkinskiy, Nortern Medvedkovo, Southern Medvedkovo districts)

5) Green territory near Yauza river along Severodvinskaya street (Board of Northern Medvedkovo district)

6) Green territory near Yauza river from Dezhnev street to Shirokaya street (Board of Babushkinskiy and Nortern Medvedkovo district)

7) Park near Lazorevyi street – former estate “Sviblovo” (Board of Sviblovo district)

8) Landscape park “Mitino” (Board of Mitino district)

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