Perhaps, each person spends his first ten or even more years of life on the playground. That first sense of joy and the first taste of victory, when you can completely go through the “hill”, and  proud looks of mother and grandmother for the first perfect feat in life. Therefore, the playground takes an important place in the life of each child.

On the territory of Babushkinsky Park there are two children’s playgrounds, one of them is a playground for children with disabilities.

Children’s playgrounds are fenced off from the roadway, well lit, there is enough free space for free movement for park visitors around each game element. All equipment is made of hypoallergenic materials, the height of the structures is safe and permissible for certain age groups.

Game complexes Lazalia,  Schooner, Typhoon and especially the ropeway became favorite playing places for children and teenagers living in nearby houses.

To the delight not only to the kids, but also to their mothers, for whom the safety of the child is so important, the children’s playgrounds have a soft rubber coating. Such cover reduces the risk of injuries, and moreover: the ground is cleaner, that means the baby won’t become dirty while playing in it.

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