Dear visitors of Babushkinsky park!

For YOU in the park we have catering places, where you can quickly and deliciously eat, drink coffee, eat ice cream, cotton candy and popcorn.

Cafe Aviator

On the territory of the park there is a summer cafe. Here you can eat with pleasure under the open sky, enjoying nature. The menu includes: salads, shish kebabs, steaks, side dishes, burgers, cold and hot drinks … and of course desserts! In the cafe you can order a banquet for a maximum of 70 people. Contact phone for order +7 (916) 711-73-27.


Thick, fragrant, saturated, scalding coffee will be prepared for YOU in the pavilion of Moscoffee. Start your day with a cup of this divine drink and a good mood YOU are provided!

Ice cream, cotton candy and popcorn

Crisp popcorn, bright clouds of cotton candy and, of course, delicious ice cream – you can enjoy these dishes in our park.

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