"SportLife" within the framework of the "Moscow Longevity" project

SportsLife Program

The program of sports and entertainment format aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles of older people.
The program of the event includes master classes on fitness trends, performance of sports groups, entertainers of the variety genre.

Participants of the event:

Rock and roll club "Positiv", head Boris Reservenikov
Kalutski/Fourmen show – Russian professional acrobats who have set five own records in the Guinness Book of Records, world champions
Mikhail Svetlov – Winner of international festivals, artist of the original genre, participant of TV show with pop stars, show business and circus
Turquoise vocal duo
Natalia Korosteleva – artist of the humorous genre, participant of TV projects "It's funny" / "Laugh is allowed" / "Crooked Mirror"/"Laughter with home delivery"/"Emergency" / "Izmaylovskiy Park" and "Club of Humor"
Presenter – Kirill Kamorzin – showman and popular DJ of the radio station "Police Wave"


Prefecture of the Northeast Administrative District of the city
MoscowDirector Agency "RIMI"


Date: August 28, 2019
Time: 13:00 sport
Address: Grandma's Park Street. Menjinsky, 6

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