Master Class "The Magic World Ebru"

Invite adults and children on November 15 at 16.00 to the Center for Leisure and Recreation had "Babushkinskiy" to the wizard-class "The Magic World Ebru"

The Master class will be carried out by the head of the leading creative studio of the city of Moscow, the art rainbow of the cat marina.

"Ebru" is an ancient art of drawing on the water, and is called a dancing paint. There are paints on special gel that are not dissolved in the water. While on the surface, the inks are mixed with the-and sticks and become patterns and graphics. When the image is finished, the water is overlaid with paper. The print is drying, keeping a unique, colorful picture.

The theme of the Master class is: Plant and geometric ornamentation. The participants in the master class will learn how to create basic elements/circles, ovals, clear and intermittent lines, points, coils/and convert them into flower compositions, stems and leaves. Each participant not only will the skills of "Ebru", but also prepares for himself the original picture of a souvenir.
Age 6 +
The entrance is free.

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