The Avengers quest. Infinity Park"

Did you think that the main villain of the universe, Thanos, is defeated and will never hurt anyone again? Alas! You were wrong! He again searches for the stones of infinity and threatens to destroy our planet now completely, once and for all. They need to be found before him and save the Earth. Call it the Avengers!

Friends, we have prepared for you a quest game based on the Marvel Universe. Anyone can become a real Captain America, Iron Man or even the Hulk. The main task of superheroes – to collect all the stones of infinity and defeat Thanos himself. The Avengers are waiting for serious tests on the way to save the planet.

Children from 5 to 12 years old (1 game – a group of up to 10 people) can participate in the quest.

Running time: 1 hour.

Cost – 500 rubles per person.


Pre-record: 8 903 003 09 10 / 8 499 184 27 00 (Department of KMM Park "Babushkinsky")

Babushkinsky Park



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