Youth Day

On June 23, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., an electronic music festival will be held in the grounds of Grandma's Park.

We are excited to present the daytime open-air for fans of electronic rave music. The power of hardstyle, the directness of pumping, the lightheartlessness of happy and the saturation of dram'n'base will come together to energize you for the whole summer coming! Swing people to the coolest projects Crazycraft and GMB Promo Group. Carefully selected DJ line-up will ensure a smooth transition from light house rhythms to the rapid speed of happy hardcore, and MC Mayak will lead the crowd with a half-turn! Professional dancers will arrange for you incendiary demonstrations! The program sets DJs on a variety of media, including vinyl records. Around the perimeter of the green theater will be placed in the format of "photo" photos from our events from the best reporting photographers. Any picture you like can be taken with you as a keepsake and ask for an autograph from your favorite DJ or dancer. The event will be powered by 7 kW of powerful sound.

Come with your family, bring friends and plunge into the world of summer positivity with us!

And for sweets, the park has a lot of entertainment, such as children's attractions, playgrounds, small cafes and more.

Where in the street. Menzhinsky, 6, page 3 (Green Theatre)

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