Victory Day

A bright holiday in honor of the 74 anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War will be traditionally celebrated in Babashkinsky Park.

Guests of the park hear old military and modern music performed by variety performers, brass band and cover groups. On the stage of the Green Theater will also be a folk artist Irina Miroshnichenko and headliner of the holiday-the group Rain Drops.

Another surprise of the holiday will be a simulator "cockpit of the Fighter" (cabin of the aircraft L-39), installed in the park in honor of Victory Day.

For all visitors of the park will be able to treat yourself to a field kitchen and sweet tea, as well as to see in the summer Cinema movie "T-34".

Detailed Program:

13:00-13:04-Brass Band with a composition "Victory Day"
13:00-15:00-Field Kitchen
13:05-13:20-Awarding veterans of the WAR
13:20-14:05-Theatrical and musical staging "Victory Station"
14:05-14:30-pop singer Elizabeth Mikhailova
14:30-15:05-Choir of veterans of War and labor of SVO
15:05-15:45-Literary and musical composition "Book of War" of the creative studio "Kaleidoscope"
15:45-16:05-People's artist RSFSR Irina Miroshnichenko
16:05-17:05-Feel Style Brass Band
17:05-17:55-Ensemble "Russkoye Razdolje"
17:55-18:55-pop singer Pavel Yeliseev
18:55-19:00-Vocal ensemble of SVO "Forte", launch of pigeons
19:00-minute of silence
19:00-19:50-Performance of headliner-group Rain Drops
19:50-20:50-Cover-band "Smuglyka"
21:00-23:00-screening of the film "T-34"

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