A Saturday in Babashkinsky Park

On April 13 on the territory of Babashkinsky Park will be held a Saturday 

In Babashkinsky Park The participants of the Subshnik will be able not only to make a useful business, but also to take part in ecological and dancing master-classes. After the joint cleaning of the park every guest of the park will be able to make a craft – a needle-holder from a glass jar and dance on a master class on a Zumba.

 A "Space Odyssey" will be held in the park on the Olnetsku Pass. After The joint cleaning of the fleet, each guest can make a craft from recycled materials on the theme of space (rockets, flying saucers) of plastic household waste. The Motto of the Sabbath: "Liberate space and Earth from debris."

In the Park "At the Jamgarovsky pond" all the guests of the Saturday will be taken to the invigorating musical compositions, as well as take part in a master class on the production of pigeon from paper.

⏰ On All Venues single timing from 10:00 to 13:30.
Master classes will begin in 12:00.

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