Quest "Journey to Christmas"


Dear friends!

Babashkinsky Parks and the park on the Olnetsku pass invite you to take part in the quest "Fairy Journey". It will be held as part of the "Journey to Christmas" festival, which takes place in two of our parks.

Everyone will be able to test their knowledge of the traditions of celebrating New Year and Christmas, Fairy Christmas Tales and theatrical productions. In order to take part in the quest, you need to get a special "passport of a fairytale traveller"-in any chalet-quest on the festival grounds, which participate in the "Fairytale Journey".

On each of the sites, including Babashkinskiy Park and the square on the Olnetsku pass, in the chalet-Quest will be able to get a special assignment, execute it and get a special stamp in the "passport of the fairytale traveler."

The filled "passport of the fairytale traveler" can be exchanged for prizes. They have prepared for participants more than 80 000. Among them are lollipops, sweet Christmas gifts, movie tickets, accessories and sweatshirts with the logo "Journey to Christmas".

In the framework of the festival "Travel in Christmas" at once at our two venues are pavilions, in which participants quest need to collect stamps.

🎄v Babashkinsky Park Quest-Chalet is located on the Fountain Square to the right of the main entrance to the park.

🎄v Park on the Olnetsku pass-on the central alley in the District street. Suonskaya 9.

The chalet-quests work on weekdays from 12:00 to 20:00, on weekends-from 11:00 to 20:00.

The details and the list of sites that take part in the quest "Fabulous Trip" can be found here: Https://

Main territory:


The square on the Olnetsku pass:



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