Master Class "Nordic walking-fitness for the whole family!"

On the first day of winter we invite everyone to a sports master Class!

🏃znali you think that Nordic walking employs 95% of the muscles while running only 60%?

🏃izvestno do you think that regular workouts on a third increase your lung capacity?

Experts from St. Petersburg will tell about this and many other things in detail: Member of the Training Committee of the International Scandinavian Walking Federation Andrey Volkov and instructor Lilia Razimov.

Our friends-MTS company helped us to invite wonderful instructors from the northern capital. They will provide you with a great mood and light snacks!

We are waiting for guests in the Park Administration building on December 1 to 12:30.

Attention: Number of seats is limited, recording by phone + 79268373886 or at

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