The season of Moscow airs in Babushkinskom Park

August 15 at 10:00 in Babushkinskom Park will be held air on the theme of Italian revival.

The classes will be led by professional teachers from Artshkoly "Rukav", headed by the people's Artist of Russia, a full member of the Russian Academy of Arts and a member of the Public Council of the pilot project "Moscow longevity" by Alexander Rukavishnikov.

On plein "Italian revival" it will be possible not only to create a work of art in the style of the epoch of Raphael, but also to communicate with mini-horses.

All the artists are waiting for special prizes from the organizers. The main surprise for the project participants will be the opportunity to attend classes in one of the leading artshkol of Moscow "Rukav" on a free basis.

For representatives of the older generation organized courses under the direction of the Dean of the Faculty of Sculpture Surikov them. v.i. Surikov Galim Dolmogombetova and Moscow artist Pavel Shuplenkova in the following areas: "Fundamentals of Painting", "Basics of Drawing" and "History of Arts".

The entrance is free.

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