Ecological subbotnik

April 21 at 10:30 in the park "Babushkinsky" in the citywide subbotnik will be held an action "Environmental Subbotnik".
Employees of the park and all those who are not indifferent will be able to take part in the planting of firs and cleaning of the territories.
The ecological action will be held in all territories:
in the park "Babushkinsky" at the address – ul. Menzhinsky, 6
in the park "near the Jamgarovsky Pond" at the address – ul. Starting, 11
in the park "Square on the Olonets Passage" at the address – Sukhonskaya, 9

Thanks to practical measures, "Environmental Subbotnik" contributes to the development of ecological culture and the formation of a socially responsible approach to youth activities.
All the necessary equipment you will get on the spot.
Phone for reference – 8 (499) 184-34-22

At the end of the subbotnik traditionally the concert program "Spring has come!" With the participation of the vocal school-studio "Allegro", VIA "Art Policy" and an environmental master class.

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