Psychological training "special family"

Dear friends! February 10 at 12.30 in the center of Creativity and Leisure, within the framework of the project "special Family", will be a psychological training for parents of a child with disabilities from the psychologist Cpsid "dialogue". The project aims to organize an address Social and psychological assistance to the family with a disabled child at the place of residence in four districts of the city. Moscow, to stabilize the emotional state of parents, the formation of positive child and parental interaction and, as a result, social adaptation of the "Special family" and a child with disabilities.
A family with a "special child" needs constant support, which gives her the opportunity to feel the belonging and need of society, success. Only then can we count on the socialization of "special" children and their full integration into society.
The project also aims to provide assistance to "special families" who do not have the resources to apply for such help. These are families in a difficult life situation, large, incomplete with sick children.
The project involves the provision of complex interrelated activities on group work with parents of children with disabilities, as well as in creative group activities of parents with children with HIA.
The entrance is free. 

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