Nordic Walking Competition

Final-New Year-stage of Nordic walking competition "Nordic STAR" will be held on December 30 in Sokolniki "Babushkinskiy"
Friends, how do you like the idea to spend the last Saturday of the year competitively-incendiary? December 30, 2017 in the Park Babushkinskiy (Moscow, Menzhinskogo, 6) will be the final stage of our Nordic Star Nordic walking competition-it is on Saturday we learn who we have a real star Nordic walking!
The final stage of Nordic Star will be very different from the previous one: In addition to the traditional competition of walking with sticks for a time (distance of 2 km), there will be a completely new test. All participants occupied in the previous four stages of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are invited to a new kind of competition-competition techtime (R). Techtime (R) is a new international competition format developed and patented by the INWA-International Nordic Walking Federation. The essence of the competition is to pass the distance with the most correct technique Nordic walking in the shortest possible time. The distance for this discipline is 1 km. The winner of this competition will receive a big cup of Nordic Star-2017!
Registration will start at 10.00 in the Chess House (in the center of the park), in 10.45 will be a warm-up (for the best warming up and, accordingly, the best results), and the start will be given in 11.00. Don't be late!
And after the awarding, let's go drink tea! Come and wait for you!
Our events are always free to enter!

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