Park management

Position Name Phone number E-mail
CEO Buskin Igor Vladimirovich +7 (499) 184-34-22
CEO assistant Lisichkina Svetlana +7 (499) 184-34-22
CEO assistant on general issues Sirotkina Tatiana Anatolievna
Security manager Kotelnikov Mikhail Konstantinovich
Chief accountant Fedorova Olga Vladimirovna +7 (499) 184-27-33
Maintenance and cleaning manager Novikov Alexander Vyacheslavovich
Architecture and design manager Akhmedov Badavi Abdulovich
Territory landscaping manager Bakurskaya Olga Nikolaevna
Contract service department manager Iskierdo-Bolshakova Alexandra
Artistic director Prikhodko Juriy Aleksandrovich +7 (499) 184-27-00
Chief engineer Komlev Dmitriy Mikhailovich +7 (499) 184-27-18
FAX +7 (499) 184-09-18

Administration working hours

Monday – Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00, Friday from 9:00 to 18:00,

Saturday, Sunday – free days.

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