Performance of accordionist-virtuoso Vasily Yurchenko in Babushkin Park!

August 10, 6 p.m.-19:00 p.m. (Green Theatre)

Basil has been playing the accordion since his early childhood. Glinka. In 14 years of difficult and painstaking training, he has become a true professional in his field!

And then the fun started! In 2017, just after graduation, Vasily went to study in France to the famous teacher Frederic Deschamps. After that he was invited to participate in the TV show "Sur un air d'accordeon" by the famous showman, accordionist Michel Pruvot and TV show "Au Bonheur de Nacre" no less famous Pascal Savard. A year later, Basil arrived with a concert program, and performed at the Hainaut Belles Bretelles festival, at the invitation of accordionist Claude Caron, as well as in the next TV show "1,2,3 Dance" accordionist Jerome Richard, where he performed brilliantly and pleased French public!

Meanwhile in Russia, Vasily actively begins his concert activities, promoting his instrument, performing at city venues, holidays, where he performs famous accordion music, but in modern processing, more familiar to unprepared listener. The repertoire includes French muzzet, waltzes, tangos, and contemporary music that is played on the radio, performed on the accordion!

Come to the concert and enjoy the music from our young accordionist!




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