Summer Intensification "Creativity!" 5 degrees

 12 to 15 August 12:00-13:00


A series of creative workshops in Grandma's Park is the creation of postcards with embroidery, the manufacture of original masks of paper and fetra, the study of art technique "pergamano" and weaving hairdryers.


Postcard embroidery 5

Mon. 12.08.

Embroider figurines of funny animals or characters can be not only on a special fabric, but also on dense paper. This will be done by the participants of the master class within the framework of the intensive "Creativity!" According to the prepared templates with the help of bright threads, the guys will create a postcard, which will be a pleasant gift to themselves or loved ones.   


Making masks 5

W. 1:08 p.m.

Fetr, colored paper, beads and imagination – all this will help to create a bright mask and feel like a real superhero. The mask can be used not only as a fancy dress, but also in the game.  


Pergamano 5

Wed. 2:08 p.m.

The technique of "pergamano" is a kind of needlework that began to gain popularity only recently. The method of drawing and writing on parchment paper of special density allows to create 3D images. At the master class, the children will learn two main ways of drawing in this technique: embossment and perforation.


Friendship Hairdryers 5

Thu. 3:08 p.m.

 Summer is a time to find new friends and strengthen friendships with existing comrades. We will help the guys to make the summer special and create hairdryers of friendship. With the help of colorful threads, pendants and beads guys will make bracelets for themselves and close friends.


They will hold: Moscow multifunctional cultural center "on the Comintern"



Grandma's Park, Street. Menzhinsky, d. 6, p. 3.

(under the arches of the Green Theatre)

Helpline: 8 499 184 27 00

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