Movie Night 2019

Open-air screenings will be held in seven of the capital's parks of the Department of Culture as part of the nationwide "Night of Cinema" campaign. This year it will take place on the night of August 24-25. You can also watch movies for free in Grandma's Park.

The screening will take place at the Green Theatre. This is the only indoor summer hall where it is comfortable both on a hot summer day and in inclement weather. And it is located literally 100 meters from the main entrance. 

 Films for the screening were specially selected from 26 films on the all-Russian Internet voting, which was attended by 66.5 thousand people.


20:00 "Home" 2019.  

Age Limits: 6
In the usual and fussy city of Moscow there is an unusual House, overgrown with hundreds of mysteries and mysteries. In this house there is a strange apartment in which not a single tenant stayed for a long time… And only when in this "cute" apartment comes an independent mother with a charming 8-year-old daughter Alina, new tenants learn that their living space – not easy, and lives in it the real House. But the keeper of the hearth has long been offended by the entire human race and will do all the imaginable nastiness, just to be alone in the ill-fated apartment. But everything changes when Domoma is challenged by an evil witch.


22:00 "Policeman from The Rublevka. New Year's mayhem" 2018.

 Age limits: 16
On New Year's Eve, the Barviha North police station is under threat of closure. To save his native department, a policeman from Rublevka Grisha Izmaylov is forced to go to extreme measures and together with the operatives decides to rob the bank. He expects that his colleagues together with the head of the department – Yakovlev easily open this case, the money will be returned, and all will keep the work next year. But things are not going as Grisha intended.


23:45 "Balkan Frontier" 2019

Age limits: 16
Yugoslavia. 1999 year. The Russian special forces are ordered to take control of the Slatin airfield in Kosovo and hold it until reinforcements arrive. But this strategic object is extremely important to the Albanian field commander and NATO generals. The group is forced to take an unequal battle with terrorists. Russian peacekeepers and NATO forces are rushing to the airfield. The world is once again close to a great war. But the commander of the special group Andrei Shatalov is not up to politics: at the airport among the hostages his girlfriend Yasna.


St. Menzhinsky 6 p.3